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Hindu Festivals | Ganesh Chaturthi | Diwali

Ganesh Chaturthi  

There are many deities in Hindu civilization, Lord Ganesh is considered very much in them. According to Hindu civilization, Shri Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Mother Parvati, is worshiped in the name of the first God. 

Once upon a time all the gods were in great trouble. All the gods went to the shelter of Shiva and started praying to solve their problems, at that time Ganesh and Kartikeya were also sitting with Lord Shiva. Seeing the difficulties of the gods, Shiva asked Ganesha and Kartikeya, who among you would solve the problems of the gods and help them. When both the brothers agreed to help, Shiva put a competition in front of them. 

According to this competition, the first of the two brothers who return after circumambulating the earth will solve the problems of the gods. As soon as Shiva said this, Kartikeya sat on his riding peacock and went to circumambulate the earth, but Ganesha stood there in his place and started thinking how he could revolve around the whole earth with the help of a mouse. 

At that time a solution came to his mind that he went to his father Shiva and mother Parvati and after circumambulating them seven times, he came back to his place and stood. After some time Kartike came back after making full round of the earth and started calling himself the winner. Then Shiva looked at Ganesha and asked him why Ganesha, why didn't you go to circumambulate the earth. Then Ganesh ji replied that the whole world is settled in me, parents, whether I revolve around the earth or my parents have only one thing. Hearing this, Shiva became very happy and ordered Ganesha to remove the difficulties of all the gods and goddesses.

Along with this, Shiva also blessed Ganesh ji that whoever worships you and fasts in the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha, all his sorrows will be removed and material pleasures will be attained. That's why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and worship as the first god.


When Lord Shri Ramchandra was rolling after 14 years after destroying Ravana and Asuros, it was night coming to Ayodhya, then 6 people were going to light a lamp on that day because Lord Ramchandraji came in the evening, then Ramji did not have any trouble. 

Yes, that is why the lamps were lit up to the palace, those people who had torches lit torches, who had lit everything that was present with them and made light in Ayodhya, since then Diwali is celebrated.

                  🙏HAPPY DIWALI 🙏