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Upcoming/New Useful Apps On Google Play Store 2022

It can be scary to try so many new things. An app developer isn’t always ahead of the game, and the last thing that you want is to miss out on something exciting. 

My opinion is that there are a lot of new apps that seem to be coming out every week, so it is always a good idea to scope out what’s on the horizon. 

From what I found I came up with 5 apps that are most likely to be big in the coming year.


The way we communicate all the time has changed a lot. From TV sets and online social media, we also need apps on our phones with more features to enhance our experience. Take a quick look at the upcoming apps mentioned below:

UrbanCab's first app has been in the works for quite some time, especially since the company was founded by a team of leading automotive and technology professionals to be part of a global team of technical engineers to continue to develop UrbanCab. Went to Baltimore. OS (control system for UrbanCab's app).

This culminated in UrbanCab coming back to Africa to develop its own brand and app. UrbanCab's app will have information about all available cabs in Cape Town, and an AI engine is going to use facial recognition to tell users if they are being served by a cab of the right size.

Traditional digital taxi booking apps such as CityCab and Uber do not provide any information about the city, and within Cape Town, you will still need to input your destination and find the right taxi. UrbanCab wants to change that.

UrbanCab feels that these issues are much bigger than ride sharing and that is why the company originally bought an office in ACG, next to the city of Cape Town, to find tech talent. But UrbanCab says that because it has the logistics and experience for its taxi identification work, it has decided to work with MapTalk, a start-up whose technology was part of Apple's Intelligent Cities project. This partnership will create the UrbanCab Lite app, which is currently in private beta testing.

No release date has been set as UrbanCab tries to get as many taxis as possible equipped with its AI technology.

UrbanCab's other applications will also continue into 2022, including city maps for the city, which will become available with the Lite app.